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My daughter recently told me I’m a fashion queen. I don’t always look like one, but I do love fashion. When I became a mom it got harder to look half-decent (let alone half-rested), and my goal shifted from looking nice to merely feeling comfortable. So with the ingenuity of my autistic son and the tech-savvy help of my hubby, we created a solution: cute comfort.

You may be familiar with my Mental Mommy psychological thrillers, but now I’m excited to announce my Mental Mommy clothing line! If you’re proud to be a mom (or proud to support a mom) who isn’t perfect but who does her best, who may feel a bit mental some days, who juggles life like a superhero amid crazy schedules and a messy house and a million “Mommy’s!” a day, then this is for you.

Each top is customizable in your favorite color. All fabrics are top-of-the-line soft and luxe–I wear them myself and only want the best for you. Sending love and quality fashion to all you Mental Mommies out there!

Mental Mommy Tops

Mental Mommy Deaf Pride

Bestie Tops

Children’s Tops

Men’s Tops

Mental Mommy Bottoms


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