If Only She Knew Series


(a standalone companion story)

A cursed town. A family’s murder. A girl willing to risk everything to solve it.

She thinks she’s solving her family’s murder, not ensuring her own. If only she knew what danger lurked ahead…

Peace Bloodson always wondered about the origin of her family’s curse. Dark tales about the gruesome murder of her descendants, the founders of her hometown Bloodson Bay, are retold in fearful whispers around campfires. Wide-eyed children search the shadows for ghosts said to haunt the townsfolk. As the rumors have grown over the years, so does Peace’s curiosity.

When she discovers a hidden journal that sheds light on what happened those fateful years ago, Peace uncovers a mystery she doesn’t expect. An ancient murder only her and her friends can solve to lay the ghosts to rest and restore her family’s reputation.

But as the teens discover secrets that could cause a public scandal and tear their friendship apart, they face a much more present danger as someone would kill to keep the truth hidden.

Throw on your favorite flannel and combat boots, then dive into this 1990s throwback thriller that smells like teen spirit as a group of friends risk their so-called lives to stop a town’s curse. But some threats are far worse than any curse…

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Would you destroy your best friend to save your husband…if he’s done the unthinkable?

A missing boy. A dead body. Four decades apart, but connected by a mysterious link.

It’s 1986, the height of big hair, power suits, and “Material Girl.” Ginger Mallowan is the epitome of all of these things, until her son disappears during a beach walk one night. That’s the moment girls don’t want to have fun anymore, and the moment she starts hunting for answers.

It’s 2022, and Ginger’s hair is a bit flatter, she’s retired her power suits, but she still dances to “Material Girl.” She hasn’t found—or forgotten—her missing son, but she has managed to survive the grief…thanks to her neighbor Tara Christie.

Tara is the friend who keeps Ginger’s secrets. But that vow is tested one night when Tara is jarred awake by a scream coming from next-door, where she finds Ginger standing over a dead body. As the investigation shakes the town to its core, and Tara’s husband is charged with the murder, Tara must choose between proving her husband’s innocence or protecting Ginger’s past.

Little does she know she’s about to stumble down a twisty path that could destroy them all.

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