Who I Am, and How to Contact Me

I am a professional juggler. I juggle four feral kids (sometimes literally when they all want to be held at the same time), an autistic son, a husband, a horse rescue farm, my writing career as a published author, and an editing company… and that’s just the beginning. My passion is broken women–figuring them out, exploring their pain, writing about their struggles, and sending a message of hope to my readers that we don’t need to let life break us too.

I’ve been in those trenches. I’ve struggled. I’ve felt pain. I’ve carried the burdens. But I’m a survivor, a fighter, and my characters reflect a little bit of me, a little bit of you, and a lot of crazy I hope we’re both spared.

My USA Today best-selling Mental Mommy books unravel these flawed women, and they aren’t always pretty. In fact, they’re rarely pretty, which makes them interesting…and perfect for doing the crazy things worth writing about. When I’m not cleaning horse stalls or diapers, I’m psychoanalyzing others.

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If you’d like to chitchat, praise my writing, or compliment my parenting skills, I’ll be head-over-heels happy to hear from you at pamela@pamelacrane.com. If you want to remind me of my many failures, don’t bother–my kids have already passed along the message. 🙂

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