The Death of Life

The Little Things That Kill Series (Book 2)

Preorder discount of only 99 cents!

By USA Today best-selling author Pamela Crane comes a psychological thriller critics are calling “a literary ride that you’ll sink your teeth into and savor until the last chilling page.”

A kidnapped baby. A mother’s will to find her. A killer targeting them both. 

Five years ago Tina Alvarez was trapped in a sex-trafficking ring. Five years ago she bore a daughter who sold on the black market. But five years didn’t erase her tenacity to get her little girl back … and get even with the ones who took her.

When rookie private investigator Ari Wilburn accepts her first case to find Tina’s long-lost daughter, Ari unravels something bigger than a missing child lead. A serial killer is targeting people close to her, and the key to why—and who—is buried deep in her past. As the investigation puts her in the killer’s crosshairs, Ari must decide between saving herself or guarding her family’s grisly secrets.

But for Ari it’s not easy being a savior. Bringing Tina’s daughter back means taking the child from the only family she knows. Is reuniting Tina with her little girl worth destroying this child’s life, and possibly her own?

A killer is watching. Plotting. And no one can stop what’s already begun.

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